iOS Driver Companion

The only iPhone driver app developed for ground transportation companies

Three simple swipes to:

Swipe 1 – Accept the job

Swipe 2 – Send an SMS to their passenger announcing they have arrived

Swipe 3 – Complete the job and take/confirm payment

Power at their fingertips

Driver Companion enables drivers to accept and complete a booking with simple swipes.  Simplify processes, optimise efficiency, raise driver earnings, improve service levels and promote driver retention – it’s the perfect companion for your drivers.

Improves Efficiency

Automate driver interactions to make your operations more streamlined

Builds loyal driver relations

Reduce driver churn by optimising driver performance and satisfaction

Drivers work smarter and more profitably

Allow drivers to identify the busiest areas to work and the areas underserved by other drivers

Integrated with Ghost

Manually or automatically dispatch jobs to drivers via the Autocab Ghost booking & dispatch system

Integrated with Phantom

Drivers can ‘call customer’ or ‘call office’ at any time during a job via the Phantom phone system

Work seamlessly with your drivers

The feature-rich Driver Companion iOS app offers a number of high quality features your drivers will love. The app can be installed on any iPhone and is designed to work together with the state-of-the-art Ghost Cloud booking & dispatch system to ensure your operations run smoothly and efficiently around the clock.

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