Phantom Phone System

Automate more, handle greater call volumes and cut costs with the industry's leading call centre and IVR solution

Out-of-the-box automation

Autocab Phantom 3 is a highly intelligent telecommunication system specifically designed for the taxi industry. Its purpose is to maximise a taxi business’s call handling capabilities, by reducing missed calls and increasing the volume of incoming calls answered. From day one it can automate about half of your calls.

Achieve amazing levels of automation

Automate up to 70% of your calls through IVR, reducing call center costs and customer waiting times during busy periods.

Engineered specifically for the taxi industry

Highly-configurable and with a bespoke set-up tailored for your business, Phantom gives you complete control over your contact centre structure, call distribution and messaging.

A quality customer experience every time

Use Phantom as your intelligent automatic operator to professionally greet customers, conveniently take bookings and deal swiftly with customer service questions.

Automatic Back On Phone (ABOP)

Your company could save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours each year with this powerful feature. A taxi firm deals with numerous calls that consist of customers who have already booked and want to know where their taxi is. This clogs up your processes as operators check the statuses of bookings and try to reassure potentially annoyed customers rather than booking new jobs.

Phantom’s ABOP feature will remove this headache by recognising a caller’s number and providing an automated response and ETA without any operator interaction. This extra efficiency is noticeable immediately once you start using Phantom.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Today’s most effective taxi operations allow customer self-service whenever possible. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a well-established technology that allows contact centres to take bookings without any human interaction. Companies can achieve up to 70% automation levels and, at the same time, increase productivity and reduce staff overheads.

Advanced Statistics & Reporting

Phantom automatically gathers and transforms operational data into simple information your teams can use to improve the way they work. The software monitors over 100 areas in real time, making them available for instant overview of systems performance, issue identification and operational efficiency.

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Dynamic queue management

Ensures calls are answered within seconds

Phantom works on all phone line configurations

From analogue to ISDN 2, ISDN 30 and SIP.

Inbound automated call distribution

Route priority calls to specific operators

Assign a priority to a caller

Que calls according to your priority

Blacklisting of nuisance numbers

To reduce inefficiencies.

Run multiple offices

All from within one system

Easy-to-use contact centre dashboard

With the ability for customisation.

Highly configurable features

To suit your unique business


Increasing operational accessibility, security, flexibility and efficiency

Equipped with a dual server system

Providing higher resilience in case of emergency

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